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          1. We have invested more than 30 million RMB in our Solar Power System project, and started generating power in October of 2015. The yearly generation capacity is able to reach 5 million KW·H which is 20% of our overall power consumption here at SEAZON. The system also helps to reduce 5500 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

          2. Our projects for transforming natural gas have replace our use of industrial coal save 2,500 tons per year of coal and reducing CO2 emissions by 6,500 tons / year.

          3. Frequency Conversion Technology & the PS Energy Saving System were introduced to SEAZON in 2014. This is able to reduce power consumption by 3 million KW·H per year, and industry power consumption was reduced by 15%.

          圖片關鍵詞                                                                                              WATER SAVING

          1. Airtight recycling system can reclaim water at a rate of 50,000 tons/year.

          2. SEAZON invested 20 million RMB on the purchase of our Liquid Ammonia Finishing Machine. This reduces the caustic wastes which are harmful to the environment. The water usage from this post-finishing process is able to reach zero emission. This allows SEAZON to reduce the water demand by 40,000 tons/year. Now industry water savings and sewage disposal are reduced by 15% per year.

          3. SEAZON invested 15 million RMB to build our Reclaimed Water Recycling System, This processes 9,500 tons/day of wastewater, and the reclaimed water and purified water is reused for textile production. The usage rate can reach over 82%.